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    PixelLights Controller

    The Pixel Lights controller is where the magic happens! It’s essentially the brain of the system, telling each pixel what it should be doing with the use of a phone app or computer.

  • Small, Lightweight, and weatherproof

  • Duel 24V outputs - powers 200ft each - 400ft max (no power boosters)

  • Detailed installation guides are available for download

  • Pixel Lights setting the standard  Permanent LED with Certification

    The ETL Special Inspection Label Once your equipment has been evaluated and is found to be in compliance with industry standards and requirements of the AHJ, the Intertek inspector will apply an ETL Special Inspection Label. The ETL Label is the proof you need and indicates to AHJs that your equipment meets all specified safety requirements.

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    Controller Specs:
    Size Power Output Certified Weight
    12"x7"x3" Duel 24V 400ft max ETL Cert 2.3 lb
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Customizable Animated Patterns

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