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Happy Holidays!

PixelLights Authorized Reseller

Friends & Family


Welcome to our 2023 Friends & Family Holiday Sales Offers.
Thank you for taking the time to check us out.

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the best time of year daily









2 controllers+150ft of lights

SAVE $429.60

2 Controllers + 150'ft LED Cables

SAVE $974.25

3Controllers + 300'ft LED Cables

Holidays - Security - Entertain - Celebrate - Events - Sports

Custom Exterior LED Lighting System

Why Choose PixelLights as a Installer ?

"PixelLights is Setting a New Standard in Permanent Holiday LED Lighting"

Pixellights is built on quality for a long lasting system to withstand the Elements. Designed in North America with ETL certified components unlike the rest. A simple low voltage Plug n Play system that is easy for anyone to install without electrical experience. Seeing these other benefits over others will make you proud to install the best with confidence.


The PixelLights controller dual outputs of 200' each. Powering 400' in total with no power boosting or power injection needed. Need more lights? Multiple controllers automatically sync with in App. Create multiple zones, without having to purchase additional hardware! Every house is unique, and the controller is designed to be as flexible as possible.

Is ETL the same as UL?

Yes, ETL is a certification standard just like UL and is recognized around the world. PixelLights is a Class 2 system and is extremely safe. You can trust in PixelLights Quality, and high safety standards.

Do your homework and see how many other systems have certifications.
You Can Trust PixelLights Quality.
PLL cannel options

TIP: Installers, NEVER hot plug lights, ALWAYS UNPLUG controller from power before you connect lights to prevent any possible damage to controller or lights.

PixelLights LED bulb quality

Commercial Grade

LED Lighting 

cable vs wires

Simply put, round cable is stronger than flat wire. Flat wire only has one layer of protection, where cable has two. Cable has internal wires that are coated in plastic, which are bundled together and wrapped in UV protected outer shell. A double layer of protection against water, sun, pests and sharp metal. Others are flat wire without outer cover.

Note: The data wires are shielded to prevent interference with other systems like garage openers. When you design something to last, the little details count! 


Pick the channel/track you prefer to fit your install.

We have many styles and colors to allow you to offer mounting lighting in any direction up down with low visible profiles. Our channel is quality by adding hems to avoid warping and twisting. See how it looks installed on our channel pages. Most popular colors ready to ship. 

Note: We don't recommend drilling holes in gutters and have other solutions that are much easier and still have a clean profile. 

PLL cannel options

Amazing APP Pattern Controls

The PixelLights App comes pre-loaded with great patterns to play with, but also gives you over 200 available patterns to download and install on to your controller. No other app and lights can move like ours. Get Ready to Show Off

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 We have 2 Special Offers to Get Started Working with PixelLights



2 Introductory Offers


    • No Fees! Only pay for the products you need

    • Open Market, No Territories. Expand your own team

    • The buttons below are collapsed and open if click on.

    One-Time Factory Offer
    factory authorized

    One-Time Only Factory Offer!

    Pixel Lights said "Get This Offer Out" And what a better way for you to try for yourself with the Best Quality Permanent Led System Ever. ONLY for Contractors or Installer looking for Higher Quality and Easier to Install System. Or Just want to Start a Business of your Own.
    We are confident you will Enjoy Pixel Lights!!!

    Contractor Launch Kits include:

    (1) - Controller

    (10) - 6' LED Light Cables

    (5) - 2.5' LED Light Cables

    (4) - 1' LED Light Cables

    (1) - 2' Unlit Extension

    (1) - 5' Unlit Extension

    (1) - 10' Unlit Extension

    (1) Termination Cap

    (1) PixelLights Drill bit

    (13) 6' Channel sections of your choice

    ** If more items needed your able to add more in the store **
    76' Factory Launch Kit
    Qualify for Volume Discounts

    Matching Dealer/Installer Contractor Pricing Discounts!

    Get Up to 5% - 30% OFF!

    Simply by already being a dealer/contractor or an installer of a permanent led lighting systems, you can qualify. Discover our quality products, sales and support, then compare for yourself.

    Qualifying Systems:







    Show us proof-of-purchase from any of these companies, from past sales or purchases in the last year, and we'll match that amount into our 4 tier discount system off contractor pricing for up to a 90 days for continued validation, even on your very first purchase with us, but only if you pre-qualify. 

    Qualified Annual Sales/Purchasing Requirements:

    • $2000+ (5% Discount) LVL1
    • $7500+ (10% Discount) LVL2
    • $15,000+ (20% Discount) LVL3
    • 30,000+ (30% Discount) LVL4

    Anything else is on a case-by-case basis.

    Let's Get You Started

    Both of these offers come have unique rules or special request from new customers for verification.
    Please read the fine details for more information or give us a call.


    Installers Signup

    Becoming a PixelLights Contractor/Installer Gives you a Huge Advantage Over Independent LED Installers.


    Especially When You Have a Customer Base Already!

    General & Sub Contractors

    General contractors get your piece of the action. Sub contractors get yours too. It is not much more work to profit in this growing trend. This will work in all phases of development if it is New Construction, Commercial, or Remodeling. All it takes to offer this Service to your clients while doing your take-off or estimates. Your relationship and trust with client will out sell any third party led installer thats trying to sell them something. Get it before they do. 

    Layout and Design 

    Our layout planning guide makes 

    estimating easy. This can be used out in the field by your estimator too. Draw a layout in the open field as example. Take your measurement and convert to this sheet. Add option areas they may want to install or upgrade later. Make the material list all on one sheet. 

    Download Layout Guide
    Remember PixelLights Simple Plug n Play
  • No electrial experience needed

  • High quality components

  • Anyone can do it.

  • Installers Signup
    Holiday Lighting Installers

    Are you all ready a permanent led installer or yearly decorative lighting specialist. You already know your business installing lights on rooflines. PixelLights can help you in you sales if your providing high ends system costing 25-40 a foot. Having a alternative, better quality @ lower price range will increase sales. It is simple to show your clients a comparison of PixelLights and other competitive systems and how they are installed. 


    But there is a huge difference in quality and time savings you will recognize. (See Products) Installing with lights already in channel saves you ladder time. Not drilling, fitting lights in holes, screwing caps on, splicing and having to add boosters and other components around the house.

    Installers Signup
    Siding/Gutter Contractors

    Siding and Gutter Installers this is not a Opportunity you don't want to miss. 

    You are already set up doing the work right where the lights are installed. On the roofline. PixelLights lit cable snaps in the 6 ft channel prepared before coming to the job. Each channel is then screwed under flashing, gutter or under soffits with the same screws in your toolbag. We just take a 3/4 J channel, or modify J with one bend on the break then drill holes. But we have pre drilled Channel/Track available from us. 

    Layout and Design 

    Our layout planning guide makes 

    estimating easy. This can be used out in the field by your estimator too. Draw a layout in the open field as example. Take your measurement and convert to this sheet. Add option areas they may want to install or upgrade later. Make the material list all on one sheet. 

    Download Layout Guide
    Installers Signup
    Landscapers Contractors

    Landscapers are huge in the Christmas Lighting Industry. As winter comes and lawn care slows down. Become a PixelLights installer of permanent Holiday Lighting. Your clients have you mow the lawn and now they don't have to put up lights every year. They will appreciate that. Perfect Add-On for your Business.


    Every year in our area they put the lights up, then take them down. We know it is yearly income but what happen when they see the neighbors permanent lights that they see year around. Let them know ahead of time before they make the change.

    Don't miss out add yard lighting next

    Installers Signup
    Painting Contractors

    Permanent Led Lighting is Hot. Get your piece of the action. Most of our work is new construction and has to many call backs and headaches. We painted this home and ask the client if they wanted lights. Yes and soon we did Dads and Sisters house. Not even asking for referrals. But I recommend that you ask anyway. It was my lucky day.


    Our painting business started 3 years ago in one of the fasted growing markets. Utah We did it after having someone do our own home that I knew we could do it. We had the ladders and tools and saw how easy it was to install. The extra money is great without getting so dirty.

    Installers Signup

    NOTE: As the laws change, the requirements of having to have an electrical license are going to drive up costs. By using PixelLights Plug & Play, you could avoid these issues. Keeping you in business.

    Here is Our Promise to You

    1. As an Installer of PixelLights, and you can rest assured that every time I compare PixelLights and cables to those of other systems, they are sold. It happens all the time, and I promise you it will happen to you.

    2. If the system you sell costs more than they can afford and you are not making sales, add PixelLights to your offerings so you do not lose sales. Add PixelLights as another option.

    3. If you're having issues with the system you're installing now and looking for one that is easier to install, has better quality, and makes more money, then what are you waiting for.







    Installers Signup

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    Support and Training every step of the way. How to Estimate, Measure, Layout, Installation, to billing and support. After a hour of training you'll be ready for your first install.

    Make Money

    Make more money on installs with Pre drilled channel, Simple Plug n Play, No special tools, No electrical experience needed, Easy connect wifi controller 

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