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PixelLights Premade Unlit Extension Cable

Highest UV protected cable with data shield.

Unlit jump cable (no lights) with premade aviation type male and female connectors 

They are used in place of no light areas needed to reach controller or lights on rooflines. And or running up to a second level dormer or high peak.

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    NOTE: Only the 10'ft extensions have a built-in signal booster. Therefore, it is best practice to always start out using the smaller cable lengths first when connecting to the outputs from the controller.

Unlit Extention Cables: (Waterproof)
Available Lengths ShieldedVoltage Anti-UV Connection Type
10'ft Ext Cable Data 24V YesScrew together
5'ft Ext Cable Data 24V YesScrew together
2'ft Ext Cable Data 24V YesScrew together
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